By-Election for Felixstowe South Ward

On Thursday 10th November there is to be a by-election for Felixstowe South Ward due to the resignation of Conservative Councillor Josh Varton who has moved to Ipswich.

Three candidates are standing – but you would be hard pressed to find out anything on line about two of them.

The three candidates are Gerry Hughes for the Lib Dems, David Rowe for Labour and Mark Jepson for Conservatives – but having searched the internet this morning the only candidate that has thought it worth putting anything on line is Gerry Hughes. Mark Jepson has got a Facebook page with only his picture and date of birth on it – maybe the Conservatives are so sure of their ground they don’t think they need to give us any information!

David Rowe for Labour has been a councillor before many times – and from previous experience I can vouch he is a man of principle that cares about Felixstowe – but once again there is nothing on line to promote his views.

Therefore I can only give you a detailed profile of the Lib Dem candidate which is as follows:

Gerry (Gez) Hughes is standing as a Liberal Democrat candidate in the by-election to be held in Felixstowe South Ward on Thursday 10th November. Gez runs his own business in the Ward (the popular Q Club Sport Bar at Manning’s on the sea front), and is committed to truly representing residents, should he be elected. Communication and the willingness of the Town Council to listen to the concerns of local residents are of key importance to Gez, who says:

“Many times I have e-mailed Town Councillors on issues affecting our area and I have to tell you I have never received one reply. I want to change that situation, and if elected I promise not only to give every one the common courtesy of a reply to any concerns they have but to work to ensure that South Ward residents and business people are truly represented on the Town Council. I also commit to be available in person to listen to South Ward residents’ and business owners’ views.”

If you want to see change, and to help make Felixstowe South Ward a better place, then get in touch with Gez and let him know about the things that matter most to you — and vote for Gez Hughes in the by-election on 10th November.


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