Cycling On The Prom Trial Begins

 Cycling is now officially permitted along Felixstowe’s Promenade as part of a year-long trial that launched on Tuesday 18th October.

The byelaw which prohibited cycling on the Prom has been lifted as an experiment for a period on 12 months to allow for safe and considerate cycling and to see what difference if any it makes removing the restrictions.

New, temporary signs have now been installed to promote the trial and inform pedestrians and cyclists that this is now a shared space and cycling is permitted on the Prom from October 2016 to October 2017. Cyclists are asked to be mindful or pedestrians and to prepare to dismount in crowded or narrow areas.

The trial has been put in place after the request from Felixstowe Town Council, which led to a consultation conducted by Felixstowe Forward earlier this year; After the consultation, to which over 500 people responded, it was therefore recommended to Full Council on 28 July 2016 that SCDC would respond to the request from FTC to consider the removal of notices prohibiting cycling on the Prom at Felixstowe for a period of no less than 12 months; and pending an assessment of the success of this initiative, to consider permitting and promoting safe and considerate cycling on the Prom on a permanent basis.

Although the majority wanted the trial to go ahead , there was some vehement opposition to it as well from a number of concerned residents who felt it left the elderly and children venerable and that allowing a free for all would be open to abuse. However the police had stated that even if the bye law remained in place  they had no resources to police it adequately, and the shared space on Hamilton Rd has already set a precedent.

The trial period will continue to be monitored by Felixstowe Forward throughout the year and a final report at the end of this period will determine e the trial’s success.

Cllr TJ Haworth-Culf, Cabinet Member for Customers, Communities and Leisure, said:

“We want to promote cycling as a healthy and safe form of exercise across the District, so we’re pleased to see the Prom officially opened up to cyclists.

“The trial has been put in place in response to feedback from the public and we hope it will be a success.

“We are pleased that the seafront can become a shared space for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy together and ask that cyclists use the space safely with respect for pedestrians and to use their common sense during busy periods and in narrow areas.”

If you have any comments, please send them to Felixstowe Forward by emailing:



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