Student Review – NIGHT MUST FALL

 Night Must Fall By Emlyn Williams and performed by An Original Theatre Company and Salisbury Playhouse Productions At the New Wolsey Theatre on Monday 17 – Saturday 22 October

Night Must Fall is set in the living room of a bungalow on the edge of a forest, owned by the miserable Mrs. Bramson, who seems to only make everyone more grumpy when they’re around her. But when a body of a missing girl is found, sliced-and-diced and poorly hidden in the woods, an uproar of fear and excitement begin to bubble in the bungalow, especially with the unexpected arrival of Dan, a Bellhop from the nearby hotel, who hides his true colours behind an innocent face.

Will Featherstone was phenomenal as Dan and he portrayed the character wonderfully. The way he embodied the character made him hard to deceive in Act 1 and, the slow deterioration of his sanity was really intriguing to watch. He also built a really interesting relationship with Olivia and this was really cool to watch progress.

Gwen Taylor, who played Mrs. Bramson, was also very good. Even though she was confined to a wheelchair and struggled to get around in some scenes (crashing into the door frame at one point with a little giggle) she pulled through and delivered a great performance.

Olivia (Niamh McGrady) was intriguing. Claiming to be normal, she had a secret lust for something. A little excitement is all she wants to spice her life up. Hubert (Alasdair Buchan), a dim-witted London boy, is set on marrying Olivia but, she has no interest in him.

The set was well designed and built with all the little details within it. The lighting was very important as there was no scene changes and added so much tension to the atmosphere. The subtle hints of music also added and helped sustain the tension. The only thing missing was it was hard to tell how long it had been since a scene finished and another started.

I thoroughly enjoyed this play as I was on the edge of my seat! The tension and atmosphere was so gripping and just made you want more. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good thriller!

By Louise Hosking – East Bergholt High School


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