Beware – New Co-op Blue Cards!

There is an imposter in town, and its causing a lot of confusion for local people.

In this region we have the East of England Co-op – which has been established many years. They have supermarkets, corner shops and funeral services – in Felixstowe one next to the big supermarket at Great Eastern Square and one in Walton,  and run a dividend service via GREEN membership cards.

Just recently many residents in Felixstowe have started to get letters through the post purporting to be from the Co-op with BLUE cards attached. These letters state these are your new membership cards.

Unfortunately they are not valid in East of England Co-op branches or funeral parlours. Do not destroy your green cards – or try to use the blue cards in Co-ops in this area.

There is also a new funeral parlour that has opened up in the town in the old Britannia building. This belongs to the blue card Co-op and is not an East of England Co-op.


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