Community Impact Day Blitzes South Seafront Area

Residents may have noticed an increase in activity on the streets of the south seafront area of Felixstowe last week, as Suffolk Coastal and other agencies joined forces to target areas of concern on an impact day in the town.

Staff from Environmental Health, Licensing and Active Communities at Suffolk Coastal were joined by Suffolk Fire and Rescue, Suffolk Police, Suffolk Coastal Norse, Suffolk County Council, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) Trading Standards and the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association to blitz the area –  according to the authorities in order to help make improvements to the south ward area of Felixstowe.

But there was an embargo on press reporting before the day so it was obvious that the operation was two fold. Officers from the organisations involved were on hand to address areas of concern amongst residents – but were also out with the aim of catching traders and others violating safety and fire regulations and to tackle a number of areas including crime,  rogue traders, education welfare, graffiti, littering, licensing, food safety, parking issues, school truancy and damaged street signs and furniture.

Some of the outcomes from the impact day as reported by SCDC after the event were:

  • 90 speeding tickets issued by Suffolk Police
  • The Police made two arrests
  • Environmental Health visited 48 premises to give health and safety advice
  • 15 items on sale in shops were identified as out of date by Environmental Health
  • The guide Dogs for the Blind Association assessed disability access and usage of taxis in the town, 4 out the 5 tests were successful. They also assed access to local facilities in the town
  • Suffolk Coastal Norse cleaned graffiti, cleared overgrown vegetation, removed furniture outside home, deployed street cleaners, gave bin collection advice, replaced dog littering posters and conducted litter picks
  • Trading Standards visited residents to give scam advice
  • The Fire Service tested residents smoke alarms and carried out PAT testing
  • The Elections team visited local care homes to invite people to register to vote
  • Street furniture and signs were assessed for replacement or signs which were obstructed cleared
  • Suffolk Coastal’s Anti-social Behaviour Officer monitored parking at schools.

Councillor Steve Gallant, Cabinet Member for Community Health, said: “Our multi-agency impact day aims to bring key organisations together to make a difference to this part of Felixstowe.

“By having a visible presence on the streets and going out to address issues, we hope we have helped resolve problems and put the plans in place to address longer term issues affecting the town.

“We hope that residents will notice the impact the scheme has had on the area and help increase their awareness of the support available to them.”


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