Another Lifesaving Defibrillator For Felixstowe

Another defibrillator has been installed, at the Harbourmaster’s Office at Felixstowe Ferry, making this the sixth community public access device in Felixstowe.

Cllr Andy Smith donated £1,490 from his Enabling Community budget to support the new portable device which can be used by anyone to help restart the heart when someone has a cardiac arrest.

A number of people nearby will be given training and told the key code needed to remove the defibrillator from the cabinet.

The defibrillator has also been fitted with child pads and is registered with the ambulance service, so emergency callers can be told the code and be given instructions if not sure what to do.

Contributions to the new defibrillator have also come from Ipswich Amateur Boxing Club who donated £200, Felixstowe Ferry Fairways Committee who gave £100 and Mr Bob Vince who provided £20.

Cllr Andy Smith, Ward Member for Felixstowe South, said: “These life-saving devices are incredibly valuable pieces of equipment that can importantly be used by anyone.

“The device talks you through the whole process in the time it takes an ambulance to arrive, which can make the difference between life and death for people suffering a cardiac arrest.

“As somebody who has been through a heart attack and heart surgery, I fully understand the need for systems like this to be made available to the community and anyone visiting us.

“I’m proud to see Felixstowe now has a considerable number of these life-saving devices placed in crucial locations and I hope we can now support more being installed throughout the district.”

Thanks to the generosity of the Rotary Club of Felixstowe, Felixstowe Town Council has been able to install two defibrillators along the seafront (outside the leisure centre and beside the car park at the end of Beach Station Road) in addition to the one installed by the council at Felixstowe Library in February

There are devices at the Co-Op in Walton, Old Felixstowe Community Centre, and the Viewpoint Café, Landguard thanks to funding from Suffolk County Councillor Graham Newman’s Locality budget.

Mayor of Felixstowe for 2016-17, Cllr Jan Garfield, said:“Thanks to Rotary Club of Felixstowe, the Town Council and our partners in the community – such as the library and leisure centre – Felixstowe is particularly well catered for with public access defibrillators; any of which could one day be used to save someone’s life.”

Cllr Graham Newman said: “It is a privilege to be able to support this initiative which shows just how important the local councils treat the health and wellbeing of the community and its visitors.”


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